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Industrial Data Systems Inc., proudly introduces the addition of the new IDS DS-200 Wall Mount Programmable Control Terminal & Systems Integrator to our data terminal line.

The versatility of the DS-200WM allows you to perform a number of tasks. These range from basic weighing operations to more complex tasks such as controlling formula batches, or bulk-weighing.

The DS-200WM is the next generation data terminal designed to bring plug in enhancement features to our Digital Summing Module, indicators, balances and other basic instruments. This versatile and cost-effective terminal supports many indicators and provides standard features that enable it to interface with many devices including ticket, tape, bar code label printers, scanners, remote displays, solid-state relays, computers and virtually anything that has a serial port.

The DS-200WM includes, 16 programmable instructions (macros), and provides you with the capability of designing a printed record to satisfy your specific requirements. ID database with data logging and reporting is a standard feature. Compact in size and weight, the system is housed in a rugged wall mount stainless steel enclosure which can be wall mounted, desktop mounted, cieling or placed in a control console. Fully gasketed protection to seal the rear panel to the enclosure for harsh or wash down environments.

The compact design of the DS-200WM combines flexibility and speed with easy-to-use operator interface that incorporates a bright vacuum fluorescent display and full numeric keyboard with large keys to facilitate data entry and operator prompting. The dome switch design of the keyboard provides better tactile feedback than membrane switches, and is immune to dust and liquid spills.

When used with the optional Digital Summing Module (DSM), the DS-200WM offers a complete digital weighing technology solution using standard analog load cells. This solution eliminates the use of conventional junction boxes, enables digital calibration with out test weights and provides real time diagnostics for individual load cells.


With 7 built-in modes of operation from gross, tare and net weighing to sophisticated trip-level event monitoring. The DS-200WM fits important applications in transportation, agriculture, mining, construction, material handling, packaging and manufacturing. Applications are unlimited for the user who is capable of writing a basic program. For those who prefer turnkey products, Industrial Data Systems offers a constantly growing number of standard applications at no additional charge or we can program the DS-200WM around your specific application for a minimal charge.


The DS-200WM is fully programmable in an easy and flexible macro language called Scale Basic. In addition to the built-in modes of operation, Scale Basic allows you to customize the operation of the DS-200WM to meet your application requirements. The Scale Basic language provides various commands and functions that include: math operations, I/O control, setpoints, timers, data entry, ID storage, message display, and program sequence control among others. Programming the DS-200WM can be performed through the keyboard or a PC using the optional EZ-LINK software that greatly facilitates setup and programming.

Password protection provides security against unauthorized access to data or tampering.



- Basic gross, tare and net weighing

MODE 1 - Fill to Setpoint, Single setpoint fill with relay output control and weight print

MODE 2 - Over/Under Checkweigh, Provides 3 TTL outputs and 2 setpoints to indicate over, under and between weight conditions. Outputs can activate lights or alarms

MODE 3 - Vehicle Weigh-In/Out with Totals, Weigh-In/Out program for up to 500 vehicles; Maintains running totals for each vehicle; Provides reporting functions

MODE 4 - Multi-Container/Axle Auto Weighing, Auto weighs and prints each weight placed on the scale; Each weight is sequentially numbered and accumulated; The total can be printed manually or automatically; Provides traffic light control

MODE 5 - Auto Axle Weigh (Long Scales), Same as Mode 4 but previous axles are auto tared

MODE 6 - ID Tare, Print and Total, Provides tare entry and recall by ID; Prints ID, sequence # and GTN weights; Keeps running totals by ID; Provides reporting functions, reports may be printed by a printer, transmitted to a host computer or may be requested by a remote PC.


8 digit vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) 0.5" (12.5 mm). 19-key sealed membrane with audible and tactile feedback. 7 selectable modes of operation. Programmable in Scale Basic macro language for application development (event driven). Provides built-in interfaces for a wide variety of indicators. Simulates A&D, Condec, Weigh-Tronix and Ohaus communication protocols; Provides user configurable serial output protocol. Password protection to prevent unauthorized tampering. Built in diagnostic functions for memory, display and I/O ports. Primary and secondary units with conversion factor. Digital/Parallel port for relay control or Centronics printer interface. 3 full duplex serial ports: RS232, RS485 and 20mA current loop. Selectable baud rates (150 - 19.2K) and data formats. Barcode scanner/reader input interface. Time and Date Clock Y2K and Leap Year compliant. 32K non-volatile RAM provides 500 ID storage (part, truck, etc.). Selectable address for multi-drop RS485 network interface.



Serial Port 1:     ...............................     RS232 or 20ma current loop.
Serial Port 2:     ...............................     RS232 or 20mA Current Loop.
Serial Port 3:     ...............................     RS232 or RS485.
Parallel Port:     ...............................     Parallel ASCII or 8TTL inputs and
                                                                 9 TTL outputs.


Power: 115 VAC  10%, 50/60 Hz,  or  240 VAC  10%, 50/60Hz. or 12 to 28 VDC.

Power Consumption operating:    4 watts @ 115 VAC.

Environmental:   32 F to 115 F (-10 C to 40 C), to 80% non-condensing relative humidity. No external ventilation required.
The unit is unaffected by non-corrosive, non-conductive dust, and moderate RF fields.

Size:        9.75" wide, 3.63"  deep, and 9.75"  high (225.552 x 92.202 x 247.65 mm).

Weight:      7.8 lbs (3.54 kg).

Enclosure Construction:     Stainless Steel NEMA 4.

Warranty: One year limited.


Digital Summing Module: Up to eight channel DSM system. DS-200WM used as Front-End terminal.

Analog Output Module: Fully Isolated 0-5, 0-10 VDC or 0-24, 0-20, 4-20 mA; 16 bit resolution.

Relay Module: 4 channel external or 8 channel internal optically isolated relay modules.

EZ-LINK Software:PC software; facilitates configuration and Scale Basic programming.

Custom Programming: Consult factory.

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