The TM-U590 is a high speed, multi-function ticket printer designed for printing muti-part documents up to 88 columns in width. Best used for ticket or slip printing, the TM-U590 will print up to 5 part copies for applications in scale houses and offices as well as shipping and receiveing documents. The TM-U590 is supported by Epson's standard ESC/POS® command system and is a Windows compatible product.

A leader in the transaction processing industry, Epson has introduced its newest small POS printer, the TM-U590. Backed by Epson quality and reliability, the TM-U590 has a wide print column capacity of 88 and 66 columns, respectively. The TM-U590 features an internal (customer display) mount and is compatible with Epson's line of IT intelligent POS peripherals. The TM-U590 can be used in a wide variety of transaction processing applications with its wide slip capability which is ideal for A4 size documents. The printer has MICR reading options and check validation. Other features include print fonts of 7x9 and 9x9, a print speed of 2.8 for the 88 columns of print and 4.9 for 40 columns and the capability to produce an original plus four copies for added convenience. The TM-U590 has an MCBF of 29 million lines and conforms to all the industry safety standards. The TM-U590 is an innovative addition to the IDS printer line.

Print Method

9-pin, serial impact dot matrix

Print Font
Column capacity
Character size
Character set

Characters Per Inch

7 x 9/9 x 9
88 / 66 columns

1.3 (W) x 3.1 (H) / 1.6 (W) x 3.1 (H)

95 Alphanumeric
32 International
128 x 10 Graphic
16.7 CPI / 12.5 CPI

Interface Options

RS-232C / Bidirectional parallel / RS-485

Data Buffer

4K bytes / 69 bytes

Print Speed
(LPS:Lines Per Second)

311 / 233 CPS


70(W) x 70(L) x to 210(W) x 297(L)

0.09 to 0.36

Copy capability

One original and four copies

Inked Ribbon

ERC-31 (Purple)


24 DVC± 10%

Power Consumption

Approx. 43 W

D.K.D. function

2 drives

Overall dimensions

252(W) x 266(D) x 185(H) mm

Weight (Approx)

5 kg

EMI standard

VCC # 1, FCC class A, CE marking

Power Supply (option)


Factory options

Safety Standards


Download PDF Datasheet (174kb)

Updated on 12/23/2003